Who Is Jack Alexander ?

Jack was born in rural Australia, some might even call it " The Outback" and grew u​p in the state of Queensland.  He would spend his weekends spear fishing on the famous Great Barrier Reef.

At 17 Jack enlisted in the Australian Army and served 10 years.  He was deployed numerous times to trouble spots around the world often in support of US forces.  Jack's army career ended when the blackhawk helicopter he was flying in collided midair with another in a night training exercise.  
Severely injured, when rescuers arrived at the crash site they found him pulling his men out of wreckage to safety with  a smashed lower right leg.

After leaving the army Jack's razor tongue and twisted sense of humor landed him on breakfast radio in Sydney Australia then to Melbourne.  After radio companies started amalgamating, syndicating and sharing programs from major markets Jack was cut from the roster.  

Not wanting to give up a second career that he loved Jack started one of Australia's first dedicated internet radio stations, LONE DAWG RADIO.

Realizing quickly that it was impossible to do the full on comedic radio he was used to Jack still kept playing the tunes that he loved but instead of mixing it up with straight comedy he started mixing in his unique observations of the news and politics of the day

Jack and his family are currently in the arduous undertaking of going through the nightmares of legally immigrating to the USA.  To remain compliant with his existing visa Jack spreads his time travelling between the USA and Australia.

Jack has also chosen to serve the country he wants to call home by severing as an unpaid volunteer in the USAF Aux: Civil Air Patrol