About Jack

Jack Alexander was born in rural Queensland Australia and his teen
years were spent enjoying the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef diving
and spear fishing. He served 10 years in the Australian Army and was
deployed numerous times often fighting alongside US forces.

Jack has worked on and off in the entertainment industry since he
was 14, his first taste of radio was reporting the weekly livestock
auction results for his parent auction business on the local AM
station. After leaving the army Jack was heard doing character voices
of popular stations in Sydney and Melbourne before branching out on
his own and opened one of Australia's first dedicated online radio
stations in 2005. Jack was heard for the first time on American radio
in 2008 covering the presidential election from an outside perspective
of an allied country like Australia. This was Jack's first taste of political
talk radio and found he had a passion to make it his career since
then. Jack has also been an actor, extra and stage assistant for many
movies, TV and stage shows.

In 2009 after loosing Jack's family home, farm and radio studio was
destroyed in the “Black Saturday Fires” the decision to make a
concerted effort to break into the US talk radio market. Late in 2009
he began working as the online producer for “America Tonight with
Kate Delaney” syndicated on over 100 stations around the USA.

Now Jack is bringing his unique and conservative point of view in a
new weekly video webcast “The Jack Alexander Experiment” and
hopes you will be entertained and informed by someone who believes
in America so much he moved his family half a world away.
About Jack